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I was so blessed to have Rachel by my side during D day! She is so loving and compassionate. Plus, she was very knowledgeable in all the right ways. Position changes, snacks, and just over all helped to keep me relaxed. I honestly can’t say enough!!!
Snag Rachel if you can because she is worth it!!


I’m writing this review as a doula that has the privilege of having Rachel to work along side of me at a birth. She was an awesome asset to have on the team. She was calm, informative, reassuring and loving. I’m sad to see her leave our area.. but so excited to see her be such an asset in her new area!


Having a baby is overwhelming and honestly a bit scary. There is so much that people don’t tell you or assume that you already know. Rachel was a life saver for me! Although we live in separate states, she was able to be my doula remotely and helped me know what I needed to pack for the hospital, buy for after-Care, pain management strategies, and so much more. She continues to check in on me and encourage me through these first very sleep deprived weeks.

"Rachel was the doula for my first baby. She was so attentive to the things I wanted, and even taught me new things during our consultations before the birth. At the hospital she was positive, energetic, and firm in handling the situation so that I could have the experience I wanted. I felt supported, empowered, and loved the entire time. My husband mentioned many times that he was grateful she was there to teach him how to help me. She was an asset to the both of us. Rachel followed up days, and now even weeks after my baby was born and has provided support and knowledge about breastfeeding and postpartum care. I couldn’t recommend a better doula, and friend for your birth experience more than Rachel."



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